about us

FUR Africa Educational Services (FURAfrica) was established with the sole purpose of representing and connecting reputable institution of higher learning to prospective students. Our vision is to develop the human capital in Africa by creating unique platforms that combine pursuit of academic knowledge with professional development.


FURAfrica continuously engages renowned universities and professional bodies in Asia, Europe and America for collaboration with institutions in Africa. This effort has resulted in the Representative Agreement with College of Management and Information Technology, America International University West Africa, The Gambia (CMIT, AIUWA). FurAfrica serves as the representative office of (CMIT, AIUWA). We also serve as admission agent for Mahsa University in Malaysia.


To further advance our strategic intent in developing Africa human capital, FURAfrica is in the business of equipping prospective university students with right information on career management and admission processes for internationally accredited universities and professional bodies. As qualified and experienced universities representative, we, from time to time, organize seminars and school visits in Nigeria and other African cities to give students and other stakeholders accurate information about the institutions we represent and other possible collaborations. Our team members are academics and professionals with specialist skills in education and counseling.

Our Mission

To create a platform for engagements and interrelations in the global academic and professional ecosystem.

Our Vision

To be the a solid platform for enhancing regional and international academic and professional collaborations

Services we provide

    • Facilitating and fostering institutional academic and professional collaborations
    • Providing support to students in their academic and professional pursuits
    • Providing information on academic rating and conditions of institution in different parts of the world
    • Advising stakeholders on academic and admission matters
    • Placing and matching prospective  students’ personalities and academic achievements with the best possible academic program
    • Counselling students on academic options and career choices
    • Coordinating application and admission processes
    • Providing visa advisory and documentation Analysis
    • Arranging travel logistics
    • Providing local community intelligence reports for partners
    • Liaising among institutions, parents and students
    • Providing scholarship and grants
    • Providing postgraduate workplace readiness support

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